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KLM Manager, Inga Kamae
Inga is a native of Alaska were she headed back country expeditions. Inga ran a wedding and event photo business for many years and was an office manager for an alarm company. 
 With Inga's unique experience she is an expert at customer service and can help you with your needs.

About Ke'ehi Lagoon Memorial
The Ke'ehi Lagoon Memorial (KLM) was founded in 1959 as a living memorial that is available and accessible to the community. The property is 11 acres, and a portion of the grounds is beautifully landscaped, serene and dedicated to honor the legacy of veteran service and sacrifice. As a living memorial, KLM is maintained for the use and benefit of the community with a special focus on the promotion and preservation of youth activities. Boy and Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs and other non-profit youth organizations utilize the facility and grounds in support of their youth development purposes. The Memorial is self-sustaining, and its facilities are offered and available for private gatherings and recreational activities. For more information, please call the KLM office.  
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Committed to honoring a legacy of service and sacrifice by veterans and perpetuating a safe and secure living memorial that promotes youth activities and benefits the community